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Movement Retreats


Catskill Mountains- NY
june 22- 2019

Pilates and Meditation day, in the western Catskills in the hamlet of Parksville, NY at the gateway of the Catskill Mountains.

Celebrating the summer Solstice. The first day of summer, when the Sun reaches its highest point in the sky. Although that is on June 21, we would celebrate it as if it is the whole weekend solstice.

Connecting inner and outer body. We are happy to share a couple of hours with you in this magical studio.


Bodily perceptions

Created to reconnect, Is about getting to know your body trough Pilates. It is about movement. Then the Body-Scan  Meditation will complement and deepen the work. Finally, with soothing sounds of nature and a crystal bowl healing sound bath we will tap into the interconnection of mind-body-spirit.

Leaving you rested with a sense of over all wellness, or better yet: WHOLENESS

Monthly class series at

Next dates: April 19 / May 17- 7 to 9 pm

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Past retreats and events

  • Palomino- Colombia: Winter, February 2017

  • Westchester:     Pilates day, June 2017

  • Massachusetts:  Pilates weekend, August 2017

  • Providencia Is- Colombian Caribbean, March 2018

  • Playa Troncones- Mexico: February 2019

Custom tailored retreats are also available. 




your universe:

What if we could go inside our bodies and find a whole universe, an intrinsic and very interesting universe that you happen to know, but may have lost touch with lately? .


Rest & Relax

Winter, fall or summer. Always making sure to pick the most beautiful and serene places. for those moments by yourself, weather you want to read, swim, nap or get lost on your thoughts.  

When going to bed, means to softly melt in to it.


Explore Nature


Organic Cuisine

Food plays a very important role in our lives and definitely during the retreats . As movement keeps us awake healthy and strong, food nurtures us, connects us to our family and friends. It also plays a big role in our relationship to ourselves.

Combining organic, local and quality produce makes a big difference in the end. We will pour love into your plate. nothing is more blissful. 


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