Cristina has an intuition when it comes to Pilates. She watches every movement and can tell what is going on with my body - She adjusts accordingly and an adjustment which initially seems supported version of an exercise surprisingly turns into an isolated and focused movement that works the crap out of me (in a good way)! Since she watches so closely, she doesn’t let me get away with doing even one repetition wrong, but she doesn’t push so much that I strain and do a move incorrectly.
Over 3 years that I have worked with Cristina, she occasionally will use her other training, reflexology and fascial release massage techniques to name a few, to optimize my session. She has a down to earth, positive energy about her. Honestly I was never thought I needed a Pilates trainer but Cristina elevates my experience from just a private session to a personal session that I look forward to every week.
— Sohah, New York

Cristina has been my Pilates instructor for 5 years and counting. I feel so lucky to have found her because not only is she extremely knowledgeable but she also a friend. She is warm and caring in her approach to Pilates, considering my mood and overall well-being when deciding on a routine for the session. She challenges me but does not push beyond my limits. I find some instructors overly technical but Cristina filters the information in a way that I can understand it and benefit from it. She has a holistic perspective that includes a healthy diet and lifestyle but is not extremist about it — we both love food and wine! Its such a relief to have a health professional not make me feel guilty about indulging from time to time! Her sense of humor and optimism always puts me in a good mood, which can be just as important as the physical.
— Dina, New York

Cristina’s classes at Chalk Gym are the highlight of my week. She engineers each class to offer a variety of poses and challenges. She keeps things very interesting and always evolving. I highly recommend her retreats also, for an intensive Pilates and stretching experience.
— Andrew, NYC

After 2 days at the retreat in Sheffield Massachusetts, coming back to the city felt as if everything was just in the right place in many aspects. Not just physically but mindfully as well. Cristina’s classes are always developing the movements and refreshing the practise content. She is always keeping an eye on everyone and doesn’t miss a trick! she spent a great amount of time making sure the technique was right with us all to get maximum benefit. I was amazed by some of the work and even after one class, how my posture already felt improved... She emphasised on our feet and pelvic area. She also gave useful tips we could incorporate daily to avoid unnecessary strain or damage. After all she takes the experience to a new level and I highly recommend her!
— Paola, Colombia

- Loved to being able to decompress while spending quiet, intimate moments with a beautiful group of people. My body and mind was definitely recharged by the physical activity and beauty of surroundings, but also - and most fundamentally - by the great human connection we developed as a group.
-Learning about the potential of my body through reflexology exercises - normally when I do pilates with other teachers everything is so fast and work-out-mode that I stretch my body before having done the proper preparation. This retreat showed me that if you take time to stretch and prepare your feet, legs, and back, then you’re better positioned to do the actual exercises.
- Having plenty of unstructured time really allowed everyone to go at his / her own pace and unpack the retreat’s learnings according to his / her own style. The free time to sleep, read, connect, and explore was invaluable for really restore our minds and appreciate the time together.
— Tory, Italy

I worked with Cristina during pregnancy to stay fit and prepare my body for labor and postpartum. Cristina has incredible knowledge of the body, and customized our work based on phase of pregnancy. She pushed me to challenge myself and go outside my comfort zone, always keeping in mind how I was feeling on a given day and being mindful of the changes my body was going through. Cristina tailors her work to the specific needs and nuances of whomever she is working with, making each session feel like a truly bespoke and personalized experience. I credit Cristina with keeping me in good shape throughout my pregnancy, and for helping me build the pelvic control that resulted in a quick 23 minutes of pushing during labor.

— Danielle Salowski