Cristina began her movement training as a professional belly dancer with Bellyqueen Dance Company. She came to practice Pilates as a complimentary workout and for core integration. In 2013 Cristina acquired her both mat and Comprehensive Pilates Certification full 500+ hour apparatus certification from renowned Pilates master teacher, Erika Bloom.

She is also a certified reflexologist by the ARCB and a Reiki practitioner.  Cristina has trained in The Functional Anatomy for Movement and Injuries (FAMI) , Anatomy Trains and fascia release for Manual Therapists, and has studied with renowned professors like Lesley Powel, Kuan Hui Chew, Erika Bloom, Madeline Black, Jean claude West and Irene Dowd.   

She is  fascinated with different somatic modalities and continuously inspired by the amazing human body.

Cristina Rubio was born and raised in Colombia.


Is a system of exercises created by Joseph pilates on the mat or using special apparatus, designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, breath and enhance mental awareness. It focuses attention on core postural muscles that help to keep the human body balanced and provide support for the spine. It will help you to recall how everything is connected, working deep within the fascia.

Being respectful to the Pilates principles, we can always add an extra touch of creativity on each class and session. Pilates evolves. The possibilities are endless. 



Reflexology Improves circulation and delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cells, nerve activity is balanced.It will bring out relaxation and promotes natural balance.

Body stress is the overall state of equilibrium needed to maintain homeostasis. It is this dynamic state of tension that links us to integrated movement and behavior. It allows us to act as a whole for the goal of purposeful activity. While a state of stress is necessary for life itself. stress without interruption causes wear and tear throughout the body.

If your body is full of toxins, your immune system is severely compromised, making you much more likely to get sick. Reflexology is meant to bring your body to a state of well-being. Only in this state is your body able to heal itself.