Past retreats and events



Diverse destinations throughout the year.  Palomino, a small town in the Caribbean coast of Colombia where we played with the ocean waves, laughed, indulged our the senses with the sunsets and hiked for a couple of hours to meet the local indigenous people .

A pool day under a beautiful and warm June sky. Naps ruled after lunch in Westchester.

A weekend in Massachussets where we filled our lungs with its crisp and fresh air, got refreshed with the cold water from the waterfall and got drunk with the beautiful views.

Providencia... What can I say... The paradise Island with the Ocean as the backyard. Let me just tell you that it was hard to leave that house even just to go to town... We had all the best and all we needed it right where we were.
Movement Retreats full of nature, hikes, delicious food, pilates and wine.

Mexico I have to say that it has been the one of my favorites. It has been an important part of this retreat adventure. And where the Body- Scan meditation have taken form. Really making a difference as supposed to only Pilates. A great complement to the body movement part of the retreat.

A magical space for the Inner and outer body workshop in the Catskill Mountain.

Let’s keep exploring.