A world to unwind

After falling in love with pilates and anatomy during my training as a belly dancer , I decided then, to follow this path. The fact that I am able to help people in the process is a gift to me.  Pilates  has change my body and my life, because it keeps me inspired, in other words, it feeds my self with knowledge. The amazing human body never stops teaching and amusing me. It is about precision, about arranging that millimeter and feel the work on the right places. Breath, movement, connections and control through awareness.

I believe Pilates keeps you present and connected to your vehicle, your body. 
My purpose is to nurture a holistic approach to the body and its natural healing processes, through touch and movement.  To break the mind patterns about the possibilities of the moving body. 
control, perfect, embrace, be precise, find the beauty within… 

Your relationship with your self is a life long romance, that needs to be nourished just as much as your body does.